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1. What options can you offer?

2. How long will it take to speak fluent Spanish being a complete beginner?

3. Why is it so hard to understand native speakers?

4. How many students are there in the groups?

5. What is your methodology?

6. When can I start the lessons?


Frequently Asked Questions about the COURSE.

1. What level will my class be?

2. How is the course scheduled?

3. What is the teaching team like?

4. What nationalities will be there in my class?

5. Will I obtain a certification or qualification?

6. What should I bring? What do I need for my course?

7. Can we book the course as a group?

8. When is the best date to do the booking?

9. Are the classroom and accommodation well adapted to access for students with a physical disability?

Frequently Asked Questions about the ACCOMMODATION.

1. How will we move around? Transport and distances.

2. What is the accommodation like?

3. Is there appropriate accommodation for people with physical disability?

4. Can I have accommodation only?

5. Could I travel, stay and study with my family or friends?

6. Could I have special eating plan if I need it?

7. How can I get to the accommodation?

8. When will I know my booking details?

Frequently Asked Questions about the TRAVEL.

1. When should I arrive?

2. Are flights included in the price?

3. What cities can I visit in Spain? What cities would you recommend me?

4. Could I have all the support I need at the school or while travelling?

5. Will I require a Visa? Do I need a private insurance?

6. Should I bring extra money? In cash? How much?

Other interesting Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Are activities or excursions included in the price?

2. What kind of activities can I do, both free and not free of charge?

3. What other things could I learn?

4. Is there any age limit?

5. What nationality will the other students be?

6. What if I have to cancel or postpone my course?
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