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Frequently Asked Questions about the COURSE.

1. What level will my class be?
We offer a wide range of courses and level, from beginners to advanced, precisely because it is essential to us that you fit properly in the class you will be in.
You will have to take a level test so as to we will find the most suitable class for you, which is crucial to maximise your improvement and enjoy while doing it.
Spanish level will be the scale to set up the students groups, rather than age, nationality, or some other feature.
Beginner: No previous knowledge of the language.
Elementary: A basic understanding of the language.
Intermediate: Can cope on a day-to-day basis
Advanced: High level of proficiency

2. How is the course scheduled?
We tend to dedicate morning time to Spanish lessons, from 10am to 2pm (with 2 little breaks), according to the option you choose.
After class: Lunch time! Many days we will prepare our own TYPICAL SPANISH DISH! We will count on an experienced Chef who will help us learn how to cook our favourite Spanish Food!
Then, in the evenings you will have time to enjoy your extra activities as agreed, such as excursions, sports, cultural trips, etcetera, together with your teaching team to put into practise what you are learning in class.
You will also have free time to be on your own.
In case of a trip, we will discuss and reach an agreement to plan the agenda.

3. What is the teaching team like?
Every member in our team is well trained and a highly qualified teacher whose experience will help and guide you throughout your Spanish experience.
Friendly and approachable female and male teachers, young and middle-aged, who will talk and listen to you at all times, and help you to communicate adequately, supporting you to make you feel comfortable while interacting with locals.
It is our target to create a familiar and very personalized atmosphere where you are the main character, and your progress our first aim.

4. What nationalities will be there in my class?
Classes are organised according to Spanish level more than nationality or age. This way you will practise your Spanish, avoiding using your mother tongue as much as possible.
However, we will try to put together those students whose hobbies and interests are similar, so that when we have to decide about any task or activity to do, the agreement comes easily. With regard to this, we ask you to bring the most positive attitude and be open-minded, so that every decision we take is part of our joy.

5. Will I obtain a certification or qualification?
You can get our certificate which is valid in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries and it will specify your level, length of the course and your final grade (in relation to the Common European Framework).
However, we are working hard to make your Spanish level prevail over the certificate. In other words, when your Spanish is good enough, the certificate is just a paper that says so, very important for many things as required though (DELE, Spanish Diploma as Foreign Language).

6. What should I bring? What do I need for my course?
You should put in your suitcase everything you need for holidays. Keep in mind that you will have the chance to wash your clothes of course (even have a laundry service).
Depending on your stay length, you will have to bring more or less clothes. But please remember we will go shopping here, fashionable, stylish and cheap clothes. It would always be a good option just in case the weather changes.
Of course, we will check the weather forecast for you to know what type of clothes you should bring with you.
We suggest you not to bring any material for your course, only a Spanish dictionary (or application in your smartphone), mainly because your suitcase would be heavier. Secondly, because we will provide the material too, such as a notebook (A4), pencil case full of pens, pencils and markers… enjoying the chance to practise your Spanish from the very beginning.

7. Can we book the course as a group?
Yes, you can. It is a perfect experience to live with family or friends. It would always be easier for us if you come with people you don’t know and from different countries, so that you and your classmates’ mother tongues are different. Remember this is a language course and we will set up everything in order for you to talk in Spanish as much as possible, however it is obvious we need your collaboration for that.
If your attitude is responsible, you can either come individually or within a group of friends or family. Just do not forget the educational purpose of your trip, please.

8. When is the best date to do the booking? Once you have decided you want to come, the best date is as soon as possible, since we need some time to prepare everything, arrange the groups and classes, confirm the options availability and arrange it tightly. Please note the courses start on Mondays (except TS WEEKEND which goes from Friday to Sunday).
We will have to organise the excursions and travels, rent a car or buy tickets, etc.
Not to mention the price of these services might be cheaper if we get them long in advance.

9. Are the classroom and accommodation well adapted to access for students with a physical disability?
Yes, they are. The classroom is completely adapted to access.
Truly Headquarters (rooms and classroom) is perfectly adapted to students with reduced mobility. Now they are perfectly adapted to students with limited mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ACCOMMODATION.

1. How will we move around? Transport and distances.
We have different types of private transport, including car, small van and also 9 seats van, and of course, adapted vehicles to carry students with physical limitation. All of them wide enough to travel comfortably and practise your Spanish as your teachers will travel with you to help you keep practising during the route.
Be aware that our accommodation (AC HOTEL) is 3 minutes walking from the class.
We might need to use public transport which works efficiently in Spain and it is safe and cheap: bus, taxi, railway, AVE (high speed railway), ship, and plane.
You can rent a car, motorbike or bicycle too for a very good price.
Although we set the daily routine at the time of your registration, we normally discuss and agree next day routine as the weather may change, exceptional events or we just decide to do some other stuff.

2. What is the accommodation like?
Our accommodation is a 4-star hotel (AC HOTEL BY MARRIOT ELDA) which offers all the necessities and requirements needed to have an amazing experience in TRULY SPANISH IMMERSION PROGRAMME (breakfast is included in the hotel). The school is 3 minutes walking from the hotel and has a beautiful garden area where the teachers will be waiting for you. (Please be aware that our weather is most of the time sunny to be strolling about).
Truly Spanish is 20 min far from the beach and Alicante airport, and at the same time is 5 min far from the Natural park of Maigmo and Sierra del Sit which both make Truly Spanish Immersion Programme the best school to have the most amazing activities because of its perfect location.
Also, TRULY SPANISH VILLA is located 5 min far from the city centre and in an amazing spot surrounded by mountains.
This Villa comes to be the “TRULYSPANISH Headquarters” which will provide the perfect location for you and your plans, in order to best enjoy your experience in Spain.
We will be moving around almost all the time according to your booked preferences, but we will do many activities at the Villa as it is well prepared to celebrate events, meetings, classes (of music, dance, etc.), parties, concerts, games and much more because our facilities are quite well equipped: classroom, swimming pool, Mexican Cantina, Pool table, bar, little lake, chill out area, gardens, vegetables patch, little farm and many more things.
Please check pictures in our webpage. (

3. Is there appropriate accommodation for people with physical disability?
Yes, for sure, completely adapted to your requirements which will be specified in advance through your inscription form.
As we work close with AMFI (association for people with physical disabilities), we count on everything you need, for example wheel chairs, electrical bikes, adapted transport, physiotherapists, and much more.
We can assure that if you need something and we don’t have it at that moment, we will try our best to get to have it for you!

4. Can I have accommodation only?
No, you cannot. This is a Language Course and we will always stick to this policy.
However, you surely can book a room a few days before your course starts, and after it finishes, according to your flight details (extra fee).

5. Could I travel, stay and study with my family or friends?
Yes, if everybody you come with is going to participate in the Truly Spanish immersion programme. You could share class if you level were similar.
If so, you should let us know at the moment of registration.
You also could share room or bed even, but we would suggest you to use your mother tongue the minimum. To that purpose, we can arrange 2 or 3 nights in different accommodation if you wished, so that you can keep practising and also meet new people.

6. Could I have special eating plan if I need it?
Yes, of course.
We would need to know in advance in order to have it ready for you. If it is not a medical issue, our experts will help you to decide what it is healthier for you or what food simply is better to your taste.
If it is a diet for medical reason, we have to know every single detail specified in your inscription form and we will be in charge of the food supply, as we are going to cook our own food many times.

7. How can I get to the accommodation?
The are many different options to get to the accommodation (which will be explained to you according to your necessities). For instance;
- If you are from abroad (different country than Spain), we will be waiting for you in Alicante Airport or Alicante Train Station if you come to Madrid and then you take AVE (high speed railway) to Alicante.
- If you come by car or any other transportation, we will make an appointment place, usually it will be at the AC Hotel in Elda.

8. When will I know my booking details?
Once you fill up the inscription form and finish the level test, we will contact you to make sure everything is understood and also to have a quick chat (phone, face time, Skype, whatsapp…) just in case you have further questions and put final touches on your registration.
Then, as soon as payment is made, you will receive all your booking details.

Frequently Asked Questions about the TRAVEL.

1. When should I arrive?
We suggest you to come the day before your course starts.
We understand though that your flight could be different date, so we can provide accommodation for extra nights (extra fee), before and after your course.

2. Are flights included in the price?
Our price includes WELCOME AT THE AIRPORT, TRANSFER, COURSE, ACCOMMODATION, MEALS and FREE ACTIVITIES. Rest of expenses are not covered by us such as flight, extra activities not included in free activities list, trips, public transport, restaurants, parties, shopping, and all those things you want to do (not included in our free activity list) and you have to pay for.
The time your teachers spend with you out of class is included in the final price of your course. Please remember to book your trip around Spain if you are interested.

3. What cities can I visit in Spain? What cities would you recommend me?
We can visit any city you want, but it would depend on what you chose at registration and also the plan we agree to follow once you are here.
Our personal preferences are ALICANTE, VALENCIA, GRANADA, MURCIA and many more… Of course, you cannot miss MADRID and BARCELONA!
If we speak about beaches, we really have to go to CABO DE GATA (ALMERIA), CLABLANQUE (MURCIA), COSTA BLANCA (ALICANTE), and more.
Please check our web and make up your mind about it as we would tell you to visit also villages, towns and small cities where you can find pureness and local culture as well as closer distance events throughout the whole country.
The most beautiful and historical MEDIEVAL TOWNS, CASTLES, as well as amazing landscapes in the mountain, snow, rivers, lakes, and more.
If your stay is long enough and you can afford it, the islands in Spain are well known amazing paradisiac places to visit: IBIZA, MALLORCA, MENORCA (Baleares) and CANARIAS Islands (TENERIFE, GRAN CANARIA, LA PALMA…)

4. Could I have all the support I need at the school or while travelling?
Indeed! You will get everything you need. It is our main target to present to you an ALL-INCLUSIVE made-to-measure course in which you decide what to do, when and how (within a logical limit, obviously).
Remember our best novelty which consists on providing a teacher or monitor to go with you and support you as needed as well as keep you away from using your own language as long as possible… only Spanish! This way you will see the results in no time!
This includes students with physical limitation as we can provide anything you might require, from a special chair to an experienced assistant for your trip, for example.
This is why we beg you to specify as much information as you can in your inscription form, which will help us to prepare everything in advance.

5. Will I require a Visa? Do I need a private insurance?
This entirely depends on your country administration. We offer our service to students from all over the world so it is your responsibility to get everything you need according to your country to come to Spain as every country has different regulation regarding this topic.
It would be the same with Health Insurance due to legislation. Please get well informed about your country requirements to travel to Spain since most European citizens have the option of a European Health Card. If this is not your case, you will have to hire a private insurance for travels, including health care and accidents.
So yes, you do need a private insurance.
Of course we have our company insurance, however you need an individual insurance to make sure anything can happen to you is covered.

6. Should I bring extra money? In cash? How much?
The amount of money you are going to pay will cover the cost of the course and accommodation. Remember TRULY SPANISH is an ALL-INCLUSIVE inmmersion course. However you will have to pay everything extra you may want to get once here in Spain.
You must bring a credit card with you to access your bank account, just in case the money you have is not enough.
This experience will be, in this aspect, similar to your regular holidays; you will have to book and pay in advance for the service you book. Extra activities, restaurants and trips that requiere another acommodation around Spain out of our list should be paid by the students. If you do not ask for extra activities out of our list, you will not have to pay extra money at all.
The exact amount of money will depend entirely on you.
Other interesting Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Are activities or excursions included in the price?
There is a wide range of activities included in the course price such as sports, cooking, history tours (castles, monuments, architecture, some trips and more), beach and other landscapes, excursions, winery, events, parties, museum, horse riding and many more. All of them included in the price.

2. What kind of activities can I do, both free and not free of charge?
You can also enjoy many other services and experiences which price will depend on the supplier. This means assuming the activity is free of charge for us, you will not have to pay for it.
There are activities which are not included in the price due to special request.
These activities could include snowboard, surf, trips to different cities where we spend the night, special restaurants, flamenco classes, shows, concerts, motor biking, special events, etcetera.
Please find further information in the website.

3. What other things could I learn?
We are focused in your language skills and the best way to achieve that is trying to make you enjoy all out. The more you enjoy your experience, the more efficient your improvement will be.
We can also prepare you to get a Language Certificate and Exams.
Despite this, we consider some other aspects of the trip as important. You will get to know the friendly and approachable way Spanish people are and interact with them; our ancient and cosmopolitan Mediterranean culture and general speaking, our country: cities, weather, cuisine, hobbies and customs, people and much more.
However the first and best thing you will learn here is how you get to know yourself better and deeper thanks to this experience. Facing situations you never had to deal with and prove to yourself that you can succeed doing things you did not know you could do. If you are a traveller and lived this kind of experience before, you know exactly what I am talking about. If not, come and find it out yourself.
This is a life lesson, so everything you learn here with us will help you to be happier and obtain more from your daily life, forever!

4. Is there any age limit?
We are working hard in order to have availability for children and teenagers, if they come with a Tutor we can discuss the terms and conditions to receive a group which members are younger than 18.
We suggest an age from 18 to 80 but it is only a reference, it could be negotiable.

5. What nationality will the other students be?
Our learners come from all over the world, so there is a wonderful international atmosphere and every student is willing to meet new people.
The students will spend all this time together with other international students and of course with friendly and extremely patient Spanish teachers and friends. Even locals who will help you improve considerably and certainly make you gain an insight into our culture.
We always try to set the groups so that there are as many different nationalities as possible, this way it will be easier not to use your mother tongue that much.

6. What if I have to cancel or postpone my course?
Refer to terms and conditions in our webpage.

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